Make Money Offering Legitimate Business Opportunities To Others ...

While No Company Can Legally (Or Ethically) Speculate On Your Income, These Are The Exact Same Companies

That I Made Money With In The Past.  

These Aren’t Just “Plans” Or “Ideas” - You Get The Actual Companies Completely Set Up & Ready To Go!

Let me give you some Details on each Company that you'll Own so you'll know Exactly what they are ...

COMPANY #1:  A Full Service Printing Company:

People who purchase this business opportunity from you are able to offer hundreds of different Products & Services to the public from Business Cards, Brochures, Envelopes to Printed Hats & T-Shirts to Printed Calendars & Coffee Mugs, to just about Everything that can be Printed giving them a Very Profitable, Legitimate Business to operate!  You receive an upfront profit when they Purchase this Business Opportunity and they send their payments directly to you so you get your money immediately.  Everything required for your customers to open their New Full Service Printing Business is supplied!

COMPANY #2:  A Personal Security Products Business:

People who purchase this business opportunity from you are able to offer various Personal Security Products to the public such as Pepper Sprays, Stun Guns, Personal Alarms, Travel Alarms, Home Alarms, etc. and with the crime rate in our country these Products have been Selling like Hotcakes!  You make a profit from the sale of the Business Opportunity (payments are sent directly to you so you get your money right away without waiting). 

COMPANY #3:  A Business Opportunity Consulting Company:

Your customers will get the low down on some of the most popular Business Opportunities being offered today.  We all know there are a lot of Scams out there.  Your consulting service cuts through all this and gives your customers the Facts about these Business Opportunities.  Obviously, you don't do any of the research or consulting because this is all done for you at No Cost!  We research each Opportunity and actually Start the business being offered.  We can then Consult your Customers on what's involved; Are There Any Additional Costs or Investments Required?  If So, How Much?  Are There Any Specific Skills Needed To Be Successful?  Does The Opportunity Actually Make Money?  Many other questions are answered which allows your customers to skip all the Time, Expense, and Frustration of trying to find a Legitimate Business Opportunity.  Some we recommend to Anyone, some we only recommend for Certain Types Of People (maybe you need Investment Capital or possess certain Skills in order to be successful) and some Opportunities we recommend Avoiding Completely because they just don't work!

You make money from the sales (with all the Scams out there, this has been a very popular seller) while we provide everything needed to fulfill all the orders!  Like the other companies, you get 100% of the payments and they're sent directly to you so you get your money immediately.

COMPANY #4:  A Financial Planning Company:

Your customers receive a Complete Financial Plan for them & their Family which can get most anyone out of Debt and show them how to build a Solid, Secure Financial Future without having to Change their Lifestyle.  We don't ask people to Stop Going to Movies or Dining Out in order to Get Out Of Debt; we give then a Proven Financial Plan that's Easy to Understand and Follow that actually works!  

Purchasing these companies is Completely Guaranteed because if you're unhappy with them for any reason, I'll buy them back from you at the same price so you have absolutely Nothing to Lose! 


M. Forbes

Michael Forbes
IBS, Inc.


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